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About Premier Board Of Directors Mrs. Rohita Doshi

Mrs. Rohita Doshi
Computer Engineer

Rohita Doshi Mrs. Rohita M. Doshi, aged 55, is the wife of Mr. Maitreya V. Doshi and a Promoter of the Company.

Mrs. Doshi has a BS and MS with high Honors in Computer Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA and has also completed her Ph.D. Research on distributed databases and systems in Computer Engineering. She was the recipient of various scholarships and research assistantships as well as the winner of the Jennings Award for Excellence in Computer Engineering.

Mrs. Doshi started her career as a Research and Development Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Cupertino, CA, USA. She has designed and implemented a state of the art compiler for RISC architecture machines and other HP computers. She also worked as a Systems Analyst/Research Associate for SOHIO (Standard Oil of Ohio), Cleveland, USA.

Mrs. Doshi co-founded Soulkurry.com (India) Pvt. Ltd. in 2000, which launched India"s first women's internet portal/website with over 50,000 registered members. She is currently the promoter of Art Point Pvt. Ltd. that consults and deals in contemporary Indian art, promoting artists, holding exhibitions and sales.

Mrs. Doshi has also been a speaker at conferences such as TIE on IT, chaired the IT committee of IMC Ladies" Wing and been Chairperson of Continuing Education Committee IMC Ladies" Wing. She was featured as an entrepreneur in International Business Week magazine and Asia Week magazine and has appeared on TV shows like Movers & Shakers. Mrs. Doshi is a Director of Art Point Pvt. Ltd., Doshi Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and DHPL Marine Pvt. Ltd.